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Organic Ginger Lemonades

Genuine taste, exceptional freshness, subtle sweetness, pleasant ginger spiciness.

djahé Organic LIMO Ginger Lemon

A refreshingly zesty mix of ginger, lemons and limes, with a surprisingly pleasant spice to it and reduced sweetness. A fizzy delight for the palate. The right organic limo for dedicated ginger lovers. It always quenches your thirst and is a favorite on hot summer days and an ideal companion for light as well as hearty dishes.

djahé Organic LIMO Ginger Passion Fruit

A fruity and exotic blend of ginger, passion fruit, oranges, lemons and carrots, with a slight spice to it and moderate sweetness. Summer, sun, vacation feeling. The right organic limo for connoisseurs. Tropical thirst quencher, aromatic filler for mixed drinks and flavorful companion for light meals and international dishes.

djahé Organic LIMO Ginger Rhubarb

A tart drink made from ginger, rhubarb, elderberry and lemons, with a subtle spice to it and subtle sweetness. Tastefully refreshing. The right organic limo for everyday life. Mildly acidic thirst quencher with a note of berry, distinctive base for sparkling wine blends and aperitifs and impressive companion for European dishes and desserts.