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Organic Ginger Iced Teas

Mild taste, only lightly sweetened with agave syrup.

djahé Organic ICED TEA Green Jasmine

Lovely infusion of ginger, green tea jasmine and lemons sweetened with a touch of agave syrup. Fine aromatic flavor: gentle, floral, fruity and fresh. The perfect organic iced tea for fans of Asian flavors. Revitalizing, caffeinated thirst quencher and fine companion to international dishes.

djahé Organic ICED TEA Black Ginger

Strong infusion of ginger, black tea and lemons, subtly sweetened with agave syrup. Smoky, exclusive taste. The right organic iced tea for adventurers and globetrotters. Energizing thirst quencher and distinctive companion to spicy dishes.

djahé Organic ICED TEA Sparkling Matcha

Sparkling infusion of ginger, matcha and lime with light sweetness from agave syrup. Highly aromatic. Popular with conscious young urbanites and matcha lovers. Slightly caffeinated and refreshing drink. Energizing drink and thirst quencher with flavors of the far east.